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Auto A/C & Heating Services in Lawndale and Hawthorne

While the breeze outside might be nice, it often isn't enough when you live in sunny California. Because of this, you need to make sure your air conditioning system is in top working order at all times. At Rick's Automotive Service, we provide you with top-notch customer service at an affordable price each and every time.

Over the course of time, your heating and cooling system is bound to have some issues. This is why you need to stop in and have one of our experts take a look at your system for you. If you notice your vehicle doing any of the following, you might have an air conditioning problem:

  • The air coming from the air conditioner isn't much cooler than the air outside.
  • The air blowing in smells musty, damp, moldy or mildew.
  • The cabin doesn't warm up when it's cold outside.
  • It takes longer than usual to defrost the windows, or it doesn't work at all.
  • Your air conditioner or heater only works when you are driving.
  • The heating system blows cold air or the air conditioner blows cold air.
  • Even on high, the airflow coming out of the system is low. 

    When you have a complete air conditioning check from our service center, you get:
  • A complete examination of the blower and internal controls.
  • A check of the coolant temperatures in the radiator, hoses, thermostat and pressure radiator cap
  • Compressor belt inspection
  • A pressure test for the cooling system
  • A measurement of the interior vent temperature
  • Verification that the pressure in the air conditioning system meets manufacturer specifications
  • Inspection of the seals and system for possible damage or leaks

Don't suffer another day in the sweltering California heat. Stop in and let us take a look at your system for you to determine what's going on and how we can fix it for you.

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