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Our team at Rick's Automotive Service works hard to make sure our customers feel safe when driving down the road. Because of this, we take the time to go through your complete brake system to make sure nothing is left to chance. Your brakes are a crucial component of your vehicle and should be treated with the utmost care.

Brake Pad and Shoe Replacement

If your brakes are squealing, that often means it is a problem with the brake pads. When the pads are completely deteriorated, you might hear a grinding sound. At that point, your brakes are too far gone and you are ruining your drums or rotors.

Brake Fluid Flushes

Over the course of time, brake fluid absorbs water from the air. This causes your braking system to become inefficient. The fluid becomes corrosive and could damage the system. Regularly flushing your brake system prevents your vehicle from using old fluid.

Anti-Lock Braking System

An anti-lock braking system makes sure your wheels continue rotating when you brake to prevent you from skidding, thus giving you better control over your vehicle.

Resurfacing the Rotors

With disc brakes, the rotors are attached to the wheels on your vehicle. As the pads grip onto the rotor, they bring the wheels and the rotor to a halt. This friction causes cracks and grooves to appear over the course of time. When you resurface the rotors, you restore them to a like-new condition once again. This reduces wobbling and squealing.

Caliper Replacement

Brake calipers hold the brake pads and fit securely around your rotors almost like a clamp. This presses the pads against the rotor when braking. If there is a problem with the brake calipers, it could end up causing uneven braking or make your vehicle slide forward. If the weather is bad outside, it could also cause you to slide uncontrollably.

Brake Hoses

The brake hose is the tube that carries the brake fluid out of the master cylinder and into the brakes. Crushed hoses can cause slow braking or lagging. A leak in the hose can cause your brakes to fail. They need to be replaced at the first sign of wear.

At Rick's Automotive Service, we offer top-notch customer service. Regardless of what type of vehicle you have, we can get to work on it right away for you. We work well with the air space industry as well, meaning no job is too big or too small for our team.

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