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vehicle Electrical and electronic Repair & Maintenance

Having a working electrical system in your vehicle is crucial. Many of the components in your vehicle are controlled by these systems. At Rick's Automotive Service, we offer an assortment of different electrical repair services, such as:

Batteries – Batteries supply electric energy to your vehicle's ignition system, the lights and the starter. If you find yourself jump-starting your battery, it might be a sign that it is on the way out. Batteries can either be replaced or repaired depending on how badly it is damaged.

Starters – Starters are a type of motor that gets the internal combustion engine moving. If they aren't working properly, your vehicle won't be able to work either.
There are a number of electronic controls in your vehicle. When one isn't working right, it can affect a number of different areas in your ride.

Computer – Each vehicle has at least one computer in it. The main function of these computers is to adjust transmission and engine operations. Computers receive input from a variety of sensors. It controls idle speed, spark plugs and fuel injectors to give you the best performance possible.
Diagnostics – Our team can diagnose any of the electronic parts in your vehicle to determine what is going on and what needs to be adjusted.

Drivability – Drivability refers to the steadiness and smoothness of your vehicle's acceleration. Many of the modern cars today come with an on-board computer that constantly checks the sensor readings. If your vehicle has a drivability problem, you will often get a warning message on your dashboard.

Regardless of what might be going, our team of top-notch service professionals can get to the bottom of it for you quickly. We work with all sorts of individuals, including those in the air space industry. Stop in and see us today to see what we can do for you.

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