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Transmission Repair Services in Lawndale and Hawthorne

Transmissions are a pivotal component in your vehicle. Without them, you wouldn't be able to speed up, slow down, back up or even drive forward. Regardless of whether you have an automatic or a manual transmission, you need to make sure it is in top shape at all times. At Rick's Automotive Service Inc., we have a team of trained experts who can diagnose your transmission problems quickly and easily and help you make an informed decision on what needs to be done with your vehicle.

Automatic Transmission

An automatic transmission will shift between the gears on its own based on the engine speed, vehicle speed, throttle pedal and load. Most automatic transmissions have a reverse, neutral, park and four or five forward gears.

Manual Transmission

To drive a vehicle that has a manual transmission, you will need to use the clutch to shift it manually based on your speed. These vehicles have anywhere from 2-8 gears. Your vehicle can be either a rear-wheel or front-wheel drive. These transmissions often don't require as much maintenance as an automatic transmission does.

Transfer Cases

Transfer cases are found in all-wheel and four-wheel drive vehicles. They get their power from the transmission. That power is then sent to the rear and front axles. Most transfer cases are chain driven, but they can be driven by gears as well. That case is then connected to your transmission with drive shafts.


Both manual and automatic cars have clutches in them. The clutch disengages and engages from the flywheel and delivers the torque to the transmission. Clutches are meant to help your vehicle shift through the gears smoothly. Over time, the clutch is going to wear out and need to be replaced. If it starts making noise or slipping, you need to bring your vehicle in to have it looked at.

Four-Wheel Drive Transmission

Four-wheel drive vehicles have various differential gears, a transfer case and rear and front axles. These vehicles require maintenance on all of these components to keep your vehicle in top working order.

Front-Wheel Drive Transmission

In front-wheel drive vehicles, the engines only drive the front wheels. Power is routed into the transmission and sent to the drive where it is split between the drive axles and two front wheels.

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