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Monthly Archives: August 2023

What Are the Most Common Transmission Problems?

What Are the Most Common Transmission Problems?

One of the most vital players in an automobile is the transmission, often referred to as the gearbox. Yet, unlike the more recognizable parts of your vehicle, the transmission remains shrouded in mystery for many. Today, we unveil the secrets of this critical component and provide you with a glimpse into the intricate world of transmissions. At its core, the transmission is responsible for transmitting power from your engine to the wheels. Think of it as a sophisticated system of gears that adapts the torque and speed generated by the engine to match your driving needs. Manual vs. Automatic: There are two primary types of transmissions: manual and automatic. A manual transmission requires the driver to manually shift gears using a clutch pedal, while an automatic transmission handles gear changes automatically based on driving conditions. CVTs and Dual-Clutch Transmissions: Constantly Variable Transmissions (CVTs) and Dual-Clutch Transmissions are modern innovations. CVTs offer seam ... read more

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