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Top Signs Your Vehicle Needs Brake Service

Servicing your vehicle's brakes is a very significant part of a vehicle's maintenance. Brakes are an important component of your vehicle that help your vehicle to stop. There is a lot of potential danger that comes with not servicing your vehicle's brakes. Read on to find out some signs that indicate that it might be time to service your vehicle's brakes.

Your brake light is on

Your brake light being on could mean one of two things it might be time for your brake's regular maintenance or it could be something more significant such as a warning about a potential problem. Contact your mechanic either way just to be safe.

Noises from your brakes

Noise from your brakes is never a good sign. It might be that something foreign is stuck in your brakes or it could be something more significant such as brakes in need of servicing. There are bits of metal in your brake pads that makes sounds against brake rotors when it's time for a replacement.

Vibrations when braking

If you notice your steering wheel vibrates when braking know that it's time to service your brakes. This could mean that your brake rotors are warped. Warped brake rotors I know good for your vehicle's braking system. So get in touch with your mechanic immediately upon noticing this.

Leaking brake fluid

Brake fluid creates hydraulic pressure against the brake caliper. Without brake fluid your vehicle will not be able to brake safely putting you and others in danger. So if you notice any fluid beneath your vehicle or any fluid leaking from your vehicle get in touch with your mechanic.

Your vehicle cannot do without a well-functioning brake system. This is why you should take it as your priority to have your vehicle brakes serviced regularly. So, if you need brake service, we invite you to bring your vehicle to Rick's Automotive Service Inc today!

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